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Why Hire A Property Manager?

Feb 10, 2018 admin

We look at the benefits of hiring a professional property manager to look after your investment property.

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Ep 14 – Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Nov 16, 2017 admin

Tips to sell your home for top dollar.

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Ep 13 – 4/7 Things To Consider When Selling Your Home!

Nov 13, 2017 admin

This week we look at ways to maximise and highlight the features of your home.

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Ep 11 – 2/7 Things To Consider When Selling

Oct 30, 2017 admin

In today's episode, we go through part 2 of our seven-part series of things to consider when selling your home. This part looks at the location as a factor in your selling price and strategy.

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Ep 10 – Part 1/7 Things To Consider When Selling

Oct 23, 2017 admin

In this episode, we look at motivation as a key factor when considering selling.

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Ep 9 – Bidding At Auction!

Oct 17, 2017 admin

In this week's episode, I give some of my top tips when it comes to bidding at auctions.

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Ep 8 – Why Have An Open House?

Oct 10, 2017 admin

In this week's episode, I explore the question of why do we have open houses and do they really work?

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Ep 7 – Making An Offer On A Property

Oct 03, 2017 admin

Buyers guide on making an offer on a property.

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Ep 6 – Is there really a best time to sell?

Sep 26, 2017 admin

In today's episode, we answer the good old question from home sellers - when is the best time to sell our property?

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Ep 5 – Auctions Demystified

Sep 18, 2017 admin

In this week's episode, we take a closer look at the auction process as requested by our viewers. Hope you enjoy the video.

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